Enjoy the city life with a comfortable ride

VF escalators are dedicated to providing the best solutions for urban transportation. Relying on advanced manufacturing technology and quality assurance system, VF escalator integrates the cutting-edge technology and diverse functions in the escalator field. With innovative design concepts and elegant shape, it provides the funny delivery plan for commercial buildings, hotels, airports, etc.

Safety and reliability, facilitating your traveling

·Intelligent 32-bit microcomputer integrated control technology can achieve efficient fault collection, security monitoring and data collection.
·27 protective devices (such as anti-reverse protection, broken drive chain, etc.) are distributed in all parts of the escalator to protect the safety of passengers.
·The surface of stainless steel step pedal can prevent sliding and achieve strong corrosion stability.
·Handrail with running direction indication sign can ensure safe ride. (Optional)
·The two sides of the skirt guard panel are fitted with a brush to prevent foreign bodies from being brought into the steps.

Automatic oiling

The microcomputer controls the automatic lubrication system, achieves intelligent detection of oil supply, and extends the service life of transmission mechanism.

E-Stop button

When there is an emergency failure on the escalator / moving walk, press the stop button to prevent larger accidents.

High-strength truss

High-strength truss structure with anti-rust treatment on the surface can meet the needs of large passenger flow in public transport. By means of computer finite element analysis and the robot welding technology, the truss can improve the manufacturing process, which has the advantages of lean quality, durability and elegant appearance.

Roller step chain

The roller is made of Germany BASF materials. The specially designed roller step chain can effectively reduce noise and achieve stable start.

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