V300 Passenger Elevator

As an epoch-making product, Volkslift Schindler V300 passenger elevator is integrated with the leading force of an era and improves configuration design to a new level. Integrated with contemporary elevator technologies with the prospective standard, it brings high quality standards, more comfortable riding experience, more reliable and considerate protection and more environment-friendly operation solutions. With outstanding strength and extraordinary performance, it perfectly matches excellent residences and commercial buildings of the era and creates a better life for you.

Comprehensive optimization, dynamic comfort

Large height & large space

2500mm high compartment creates a large beautiful space. The elevator is spacious and comfortable and also facilitates handling large furniture or materials during decoration.

The new generation of VVVF converter

According to the compartment load, current and phase can be adjusted, the rotating torque of the main engine can be precisely controlled, and the operation curve can be adjusted automatically, ensuring stable operation of elevators.

Shock attenuation device

It can effectively reduce noises generated by the detent, relieve operation shock and make passengers feel more quiet and comfortable.

European standard · quality assurance

Design of V300 elevators conforms to European standard. Reliable quality of both the core parts and the safety parts can be guaranteed through strict quality control.

Compartment air purification and sterilization system (optional)

The anion compartment air purification system can realize automatic sterilization and disinfection and realize quick circulation and purification of air in the compartment.

Safeguard your safety with the sense of responsibility

Secondary protection (optional)

Before delivery, Volkslift Schindler carry out secondary protection of elevators with wood floor to avoid damage to elevators during handling of decoration materials.

IoT technology (optional)

Monitor your elevator in real time, give early warning for accidents and ensure timely maintenance.

Roller guide shoes (optional)

Roller guide shoes which can guide direction automatically are equipped. Rolling friction replaces sliding friction, effectively reducing vibration and noises during operation.

Intelligent IC card system (optional)

Real-name or permission management is applied to building residents to improve the building safety.

Intelligent calling landing system (optional)

Calling landing can be reserved in the way of voice interaction, face recognition and dynamic QR code, realizing contact-free registration of the destination floor.

Antibacterial button (optional)

The button contact surface is made of antibacterial material, enabling stronger antibacterial durability, sanitation and safety.

Compartment decoration

VKS-K-20B standard configuration

Ceiling: VKS-CL-40 steel plate stoving varnish, acrylic roof PVC
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel Floor: PVC
Control box Integrated type (VKS-COP-24)

VKS-K-21B paid option

Ceiling: VKS-CL-20 steel plate stoving varnish, acrylic roof
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel/ mirror etched stainless steel
Floor: PVC

VKS-K-41 paid option

Front wall: Hairline stainless steel
Side wall: Mirror finished stainless steel, laminated steel plate (QX-004)
Back wall: Mirror finished stainless steel, laminated steel plate (QX-004)
Ceiling: Steel plate stoving varnish, acrylic roof
Floor: PVC

Landing door decoration

Hairline stainless steel (base station) (free optional)
Spraying steel plate (P-01) (free optional)
VKS-D-55 mirror and etching (paid optional)
VKS-D-60 mirror and etching (paid optional)

Ceiling decoration

VKS-CL-20 (paid optional)

Steel plate stoving varnish, acrylic roof

VKS-CL-30 (paid optional)

Steel plate stoving varnish, acrylic roof

VKS-CL-20 (free optional)

Steel plate stoving varnish, acrylic roof

Floor decoration (PVC)


Handrail decoration


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