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With only an unconscious glance via the sightseeing elevator of Volkslift Schindler, you can find the beauty of a city.

The beauty is beyond your imagination.

Transparent compartment, unlimited vision Compartments use high-quality and high-safety laminated glass and perfect design. The membrane in the glass of the radiation resistance function can prevent energy loss and isolate sounds effectively. Compartments with a large area of glass create a superb sightseeing vision. The appearance lines are smooth, improving the aesthetic perception of buildings during loading.

Safe compartment

By using safe laminated glass, the compartment is transparent and enables a broad vision. The membrane in the laminated glass can resist radiation and isolate sounds by buffering sound wave vibration.

Broad vision

Our products are configured with a broad sightseeing vision and smooth lines. The vision is extended. Passengers can have a different vision at different heights. Our products can also improve the aesthetic feeling of buildings.

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