Residential communities

Volkslift adheres to the idea of “meeting the urbanization progress need and providing continuous growth strength for cities”. This is not only a mission, but also a belief.

Vertical traffic for better life

Volkslift has always carried out innovation, R&D and fine manufacturing of passenger elevators and escalators focusing on the objective of “expanding urban space, improving loading efficiency and forging high quality” to provide urban vertical traffic with perfect solutions and realize the dream of human beings for vertical spaces.

Safety, comfort, intelligence, energy conservation and service

Incomparable spatial value

Volkslift passenger elevators pursue for a perfect spatial sense, which is not only embodied in improvement of the utilization rate of wells with small/no machine room, but is also embodied in optimization of the compartment height and door width, to further improve the riding comfort of users.

Emilia Clarke
VVVF speed regulating technology
Volkslift adopts advanced VVVF speed regulating technology and humanized modular structure, which can ensure security and reliability and automatically regulate the operating curve during acceleration and deceleration, guarantee the stability of elevators during operation and comprehensively improve comfort of passengers.
Emilia Clarke
Remote monitoring system
Via the wired or wireless communication module, the elevator operation condition and the passenger situation in the elevator can be monitored in real time in the remote monitoring center, so that faults can be removed before occurrence, and passenger safety can be ensured.
Emilia Clarke
Serial communication system
Concise and reliable serial communication network is applied to control sub-systems to realize a series of functions, including call, instruction and group control signals, floor display, etc. This significantly reduces the possibility of faults caused by wire problems and significantly improves safety of elevators.
Intelligent IC card technology
According to owners' demands, intelligent IC card management system can be selected. It can realize real-name or permission-based scientific management of users in buildings and can avoid intrusion of external personnel, improving the safety of buildings.

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