Public transport

We inject brand-new vitality into products to make products combine with buildings perfectly and cope with large people flow and long-time transportation more effectively to add power of cities.

Safety and reliability, facilitating your traveling

According to characteristics of people flow transport in different places, Volkslift Schindler has launched types of escalators / moving walk products, making products fit the environment better and meet each time of loading demand easily.

Urban large-people-flow traffic solution expert

Volkslift Schindler is committed to providing perfect solutions to urban traffic. By virtue of cutting-edge technologies of the escalator / moving walk field, Volkslift Schindler provides safe, energy-saving and comfortable loading experience for shopping malls, hotels, airports, etc.

Exquisite quality for safe loading

Relying on advanced manufacturing process and quality control system, Volkslift Schindler elevators are strictly controlled to ensure a low fault rate and safety of products and bring durable and reliable operation experience.

Extraordinary performance for matching buildings

Volkslift Schindler forges products integrated with safety, practicability, energy conservation and beautiful appearance with advanced technologies in the industry and by taking characteristics of buildings into consideration to make our products become ideal passenger transport tools in public spaces.

Energy conservation pioneer for a green life

By virtue of the variable frequency technology, the operation cost of escalators / moving walks are significantly reduced. Energy-saving and efficient operation is realized with multiple energy-saving technologies.

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