Transformation and renovation solution

With the development and advance of urbanization in China, the efficiency and safety of the old elevators in some early buildings cannot keep up with the demand of the times. In the future, the number of old elevators to be transformed and renovated will continue to increase. Volkslift Schindler can develop a perfect transformation and renovation scheme for elevators, escalators /sidewalks. From component update to elevator replacement, we will maximize the safety, reliability, ride comfort and energy saving of building elevator equipment.

Elevator replacement

With a scientific installation planning, the customers can enjoy a new modern elevator in the shortest time.

Modular upgrade

The modular upgrade of electrical system and control system can obviously improve the elevator performance and reduce the costs.

Parts update

It is fast and economical to improve the efficiency, performance and safety of elevators.

Model updating

VZW and VW are same elevator type,VZW is the old model name,VW is the new model name Change date:Since 15 July 2020

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