Household villa

Volkslift household villa elevators are especially designed for home users. We create a noble living space for you and provide you with high-quality leisure time.

Exclusive field, better life

Volkslift Schindler always believes that each time of technological progress originates from good understanding of humanity, and each time of design innovation has an inevitable factor, i.e. the best interpretation to love. When it comes to villa elevators, our dream is actually very simple, that is, we hope that you can enjoy the worldwide warmth and care in your exclusive home.

Safety & Comfort

The largest strengths of Volkslift Schindler villa elevators are safety and muteness. Compulsory drive technology guarantees quiet and stable startup and stop of elevators. The whole process is comfortable. You almost cannot feel the operation noise.

Easy installation

Volkslift Schindler villa elevators adopt a compulsory drive structure, mature technologies and a flexible structure and occupy a small space. Our villa elevators cannot use a machine room totally. No matter whether your residence is under construction or has been built, your residence can be configured with Volkslift Schindler villa elevator easily and conveniently.

Millimeter-level private customization

If the current configuration cannot meet your demand, Volkslift’s professional designers can customize a perfect design solution for you to highly match your residence style.

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