About Volkslift Schindler

2On March 9, 2020, with the approval of State Administration for Market Regulation, the company was officially renamed as: Volkslift Schindler Elevator Co., Ltd. The successful completion of enterprise name registration without administrative division benefited from the rapid development and tremendous strength of Volkslift Schindler. With new era, new starting point, new journey and new dream, Volkslift Schindler will create a better future with partners. Since its establishment in 1978, with China’s reform and opening up and rapid economic and social development, Volkslift Schindler is committed to providing safe, reliable, convenient and efficient transportation solutions for all kinds of buildings. The time flies. After more than 40 years of steady development, Volkslift Schindler has become one of the most competitive joint ventures in China’s elevator industry. This renaming is not only the precipitation of dignified history, but also the realization of comprehensive leap. The brand-new Volkslift Schindler Elevator not only renews the brand image, but also represents the travel & traffic with high-end, intelligent and international vision & ability. Volkslift Schindler will adapt to the trend of digitalization, urbanization, green and human settlement, and build a new benchmark for the new generation of construction and transportation services in China. The Volkslift Schindler Elevator will create an excellent experience beyond the industry for every customer and continue to write a new legend in the future with a comprehensive upgrade and global layout.

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