Switzerland Schindler Group

Founded by Robert Schindler in 1874, Schindler Group, headquartered in the beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland, is a company engaged in the production of high-quality elevators. With more than 140 years of history, the company has become the largest producer of escalators in the world. At present, Schindler Group owns over 90 holding companies and over 1,000 branches and offices in more than 100 countries, with annual turnover of SF 10 billion. More than 1 billion people ride Schindler elevators and escalators every day.

Schindler China

Schindler China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Switzerland Schindler Group. Schindler Group entered the New China in 1980. Soon after Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping opened the door to foreign companies, Schindler Group set up the first industrial Sino-foreign joint venture in China to produce and sell the world’s leading Schindler elevators in China. Since then, Schindler has invested more in China, involving manufacturing, sales, after-sales service, branch construction, technology R&D and personnel training.
Schindler China is headquartered in Shanghai, including two productions bases for elevators and escalators, and one Asia-Pacific R&D Centre. With more than 20 branches all over the country, it provides Chinese customers with comprehensive R & D, sales, service and technical support for elevators and escalators to meet the needs of Chinese customers for advanced elevators in the world.

Schindler products

Schindler Elevator has a comprehensive range of products, including elevators, escalators and walkways, cargo elevators and special elevators. Schindler Elevator covers from low-end residential elevators to high-end commercial elevators. Schindler Elevator adheres to the advanced design ideas and focuses on safety, comfort and energy conservation. As the best-selling products, Schindler escalators and moving walks have been widely applied in airports, subways, railway stations, gymnasiums and shopping malls with the advantages in stable operation, comfort, large carrying capacity and long distance. In addition, Schindler also produces heavy load cargo elevators and special elevators for special occasions such as hospitals and villas.


Schindler has always believed that R&D are important factors to ensure competitive and long-term customer interests and maintain a leading position in technology and cost control. This is also a key capability in the elevator industry.
About 500 Schindler engineers have successfully developed new systems and components for elevators and escalators in several R & D centers around the world. New technologies have been assessed by the world’s leading technology centers and universities, which work closely together with the company. R&D focus on intelligent transportation management, control system and advanced driving technology, as well as new safety requirements and high-speed elevator comfort. The senior engineers are capable of developing excellent products with effective technology management and world-class development environment.

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