The beauty is beyond your imagination.

With only an unconscious glance via the sightseeing elevator of Volkslift Schindler, you can find the beauty of a city. Compartments use high-quality and high-safety laminated glass and perfect design. The membrane in the glass of the radiation resistance function can prevent energy loss and isolate sounds effectively. Compartments with a large area of glass create a superb sightseeing vision. The appearance lines are smooth, improving the aesthetic perception of buildings during loading.

Rich styling

With toughened glass cover of various shapes (square, circle, polygon, etc.), the multi-angle landscape outside the elevator cam bring different viewing experiences for users.

For the safety of users

Infrared light curtain

A light curtain guard is formed at the entrance of the elevator to detect people or objects entering its detection plane in real time and to react quickly and sensitively to it, so as to protect passengers.

Car position control technology

With advanced sensor and real-time feedback signal, it can realize millimeter landing to ensure passenger safety.

Remote monitoring system

Through the wired or wireless communication module, the elevator running condition and the passenger condition in the elevator are monitored in real time in the remote monitoring center, so that the fault can be eliminated before it occurs.

For the efficiency of users

Group control management system

The unified control and management of 8- elevators can realize the optimal scheduling scheme, answer the call signal, improve the operation efficiency and reduce the passenger waiting time.

Microcomputer signal control system

Built-in 32-bit central processor can improve the speed and accuracy of data processing, and achieve efficient elevator operation through the real-time transmission of information.

Serial communication system

The simple and reliable serial communication network can achieve elevator call, command, group signal and floor display.

The intelligence goes hand in hand with humanity

Door-motor system

With advanced VVVF frequency conversion portal crane, it can achieve the quiet opening/closing of elevator door, automatically adjust the suitable opening/closing speed and ensure the safety of passengers.

Voice station

The advanced technology is used to calculate the elevator’s operation status to ensure stable system performance and achieve the correct reporting.

Serial communication system

The intelligent control system with high integration is adopted to realize multi-computer, modular and networked control, which improves the speed of data processing and implements the most safe and accurate management control for elevator operation.

Energy saving and environmental protection

LED car lighting system

Long service life, low power consumption, elevator power consumption decreased by 20%-35%

Energy feedback device

The potential energy generated by elevator operation can be converted into electric energy and fed back to the power grid for the peripheral electrical appliances, which can effectively save 30% of the electric energy.

Permanent magnet synchronization gearless tractor

Compared with the general traditional technology, the energy can be saved up to 30% with small operation costs and low energy dissipation.

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