It is a kind of state to tackle complicated problems in a very easy manner.

Based on the market requirements and combining with many years’ experience in design and manufacture, Volkslift VH cargo elevator can handle all kinds of harsh environment. With a high sense of responsibility and strong capacity to carry, it has become an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, shopping malls, property centers and other occasions.

Transport cargos stably

Control system

The control system integrating serial communication network, ring communication network, self-diagnosis system, intelligent selection and group control ladder system has comprehensively improved the system’s operation efficiency and reliability.

Dormancy technology

Automatically cut off the lighting and ventilation equipment in the elevator when the elevator is on standby.

Optional specifications

Through the wired or wireless communication module, the elevator running condition and the passenger condition in the elevator are monitored in real time in the remote monitoring center, so that the fault can be eliminated before it occurs.

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection

A number of energy saving devices are adopted to reduce energy consumption, save operating costs, and reduce electricity consumption by 20%-35%, thus creating environmental protection and economic benefits for users.

VVVF Technology

VVVF speed regulation is characterized by the constant torque factor. Regardless of the weight load, its running speed, comfort and level accuracy are not affected.

Cargo elevator without machine room

Building a prosperous way for logistics transportation

With advanced permanent magnet and synchronous gearless traction technology, VHW cargo elevator without machine room can improve the layout mode in the elevator shaft without the need of reduction gear. With the characteristics of light weight and small volume, the gearless tractor saves the building space, greatly improves the performance and quality of cargo elevator without machine room and reduces the fault rate.

Volkslift cargo elevator without machine room can increase the rated load capacity from 1600kg to 3500kg, and meet the actual transportation requirements of different occasions.

Cargo elevator

Modern and efficient freight of cargos

Easy access to cargos

Advanced door system is used to achieve maximum opening width; The car can accommodate a large batch of cargos with a big space design.

Powerful engine

With the large-capacity design, it can increase the capacity of frequency converter and achieve the excellent performance and power.

Strong delivery capacity

Safety tongs and speed governors that conform to the international standards are of higher safety level. The increased brake torque ensures good intelligent performance and ensures the safety of large tonnage transportation.


The car wall is made of high-strength profile. The reinforced car chassis makes the product durable and not easy to aging.

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